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Since 23 years Narada has followed his spiritual calling which have manifested in Shambala Gatherings retreat center and Nordic Light Yoga and Healing. He has spent years in india and Bali immersed in the depths of the yogic teachings. Since 10 years he has studied Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy and has found a new way to combine these 2 visions.




Janakis spiritual journey started eight years ago in India, when she met her Yoga teacher. This was the start of a life long study of the inquiry into her real being. A few years ago, she met her Guru in Bali, whom she started studying traditional Vedanta with.

She is passionately dedicated to understanding the meaning of true happiness, and what it means to live a spiritual life. In her teaching, she assists with softness and compassion, allowing the uniqueness of every person and their process to take place. She did her first Hatha Yoga TTC in India with Atmavikasa Yoga eight years ago and has been going frequently every year to spend time with there. She has done the Sama Yoga Teacher Training and studied a variety of other yoga styles.