Nordic Light Cranio Sacral Training

Level 1

Pure Biodynamic Cranio Sacral principles

11th - 16th June 2019

7900 sek (early bird until 15 March 7500 sek)

I received my first Cranio Sacral session in a course in Bali 12 years ago. It was a pivotal point that made my life take a whole new direction. Spirituality in the flesh and a much more embodied life started to unfold and so many pieces of my life started falling in place.

I realised how our bodies long to be listened to, how much more sensitive we all actually are and how fulfilling it is when a high quality space is provided where all aspects of ourselves are allowed to align organically and without any agenda or push.

The journey of the soul is an ever unfolding love story that needs to be nourished, mirrored and watered and I feel Cranio Sacral does all that with immense integrity.

The course I want to share draws on inspiration from the pure biodynamic approach, which means no manipulation and instead a deep listening and surrender to the inherent healing forces. This means that the emphasis will be on the quality of the space we hold for each other in sessions, the abidance in ourselves while giving instead of learning anatomical skills and trying to be a good therapist by analysing the client and giving answers.

There will be a lot of hands on practice, valuable sharings in couples as well as in group so that we all can learn from eachother.


Cranio Sacral Therapy is one of the fastest growing alternative methods in the world and for a reason. With its very gentle, non-manipulative approach it is a very safe way to heal ourselves on many different levels.

For me personally it has been a powerful tool on my spiritual path bringing both genuine grounding to my body as well as immense expansion of my consciousness.

What is Nordic Light Cranio Sacral?

This is a healing modality that has as its base in Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy and that takes it away from medical and focused anatomy based work into an expanded, intuitive practise where the key principles are breath, awareness, and Love.

In one way it is an embodied meditation shared with another human being.

The humbling understanding that we can never really know what another person needs and thus we can never, and should not attempt to fix anyone, guides this work forward, more as an opportunity for evolution of consciousness for each and everyone, wherever one might be on the path of life.

In a practical sense, we tune into our inner body breathing and find a very comfortable reposing field in ourself. From this place of balanced beingness we touch another person lying on a treatment table. Normally starting at the ankles as a soft entry point and then, guided by our intuition, to different listening stations on the body. 

The touch is always feather light and with utmost respect and honour for the other.

What happens in these Nordic Light Cranio sacral sessions is truly magical. Unexpected unwindings, muscular, energetic, on the level of fascia, emotional and on the level of the soul, occur spontaneously in this heightened light of awareness.

It is simply put like you are lending the other person extra consciousness, without loosing anything yourself. On the contrary, as a giver you feel refreshed, grounded, expanded and touched by the mystery of Love itself.

In this work there are natural inherent healing forces at play and it is for us to learn to trust that.

These are some of the principles we will explore

-Dynamic stillness, where peacefulness and aliveness meet

-when touch is backed up with pure presence, healing occurs

-when love is present the body opens

-the body loves to be listened to

-the same power that created the foetus and made it grow into a full human being is now active in our bodies and when tapped appears as a powerful healing force

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Johan will be your teacher and guide during this training.

He has studied and practised Biodynamic Craniosacral for 12 years and has developed his own style of teaching that includes a lot of hands on practise and honours the circle of sharing as the foundation of organic learning.

He is forever grateful to his teachers Leonid Soboleff and Charles Ridley for the immense jewels of embodied wisdom they have transmitted and of course to the founder of this profound work, Dr Sutherland.

Jenny will be assisting and holding loving space. She has immersed herself in Cranio work over years and has integrated it into her yoga teaching. She will guide very gentle yoga classes in the mornings to further move us all into the right zone and to cultivate the inner abidance.



Arrival on Wed 11 in the evening

Thursday 12th - Sunday 15th

7.30 Yoga

9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Cranio class

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Cranio class

19.00 Dinner

20.30 Sauna, kirtan or movie

Mon 16th

7.30 Yoga

9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Cranio class

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Closing circle

16.00 Check out


Silence sings as Self-consciousness. It is the shimmering light of an understanding that is both infinitely still, yet infinitely—gloriously—active. This structured patterning and shimmer that I perceive is grounded in organized intelligence; it roars like a thousand creation-blazing suns.

Harri Aalto (non-duality teacher)