What is Nordic Light Yoga?

a unique combination of traditional yoga and cranio sacral therapy


Nordic Light Yoga has bloomed from our devotion to live a spiritual life. Through our years of studying yoga, vedanta, meditation, pranayama and craniosacral therapy a unique style of yoga and path of healing has taken form. Our yoga classes are based on traditional yoga, combined with craniosacral therapy. The healing aspect of our classes happens through moments of rest and receiving craniosacral touch. The foundation of our yoga is to be soft and mindful as you move your body, allowing you to be more present to what is happening inside. 
Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and breath awareness is an important part of the class, as it aids in slowing down the mind and nervous system to allow you to relax deeper.

In our classes we do not make physical adjustments. Unlike most yoga adjustments, which are often directive or corrective, craniosacral adjustments are not there to impose or correct, but to allow the body itself to discover its own unique posture, as all bodies are different. 


Nordic Light Yoga is oriented towards slow and deep movements, which allows your body and mind to relax, thereby releasing deep inner tension. For most of us emotional and physical tension builds up because of stress and different levels of trauma, which is stored in the body as pain and injuries.

We have experienced that this kind of mindful yoga practice can be deeply healing and a beautiful tool towards becoming more aware of yourself and patterns that create stress and tension in your daily life. With the ability to practice strength with a caring and gentle attitude, one can handle challenges with more ease.



We have both been blessed with amazing teachers that have revealed to us the innermost meaning of yoga and always guided us forward step by step. It’s a limitless journey and we are so  fortunate to be able deepen this knowledge and experience for the rest of our lives.