Portugal retreat


The main goal these days is to offer you, a chance to rest, to pause from action and reconnect to the calm and silence pervading existence. To allow you to empty your vessel in order to remember, with renewed strength, the perfection of this present moment.




Our unique experience of the combination of traditional yoga, Cranio Sacral Therapy and kirtan (healing chants) will meet in a powerful synergy during this retreat. Through our personal immersion in these systems over a long time we have discovered a holistic path to an ever deepening awareness of ourselves and the subtlety of our being. Our intention is for you to discover a new sense of connection to your being and your body while truly enjoying yourself.

The fundamentals of Nordic Light Yoga lies in the space we hold for you. We work consciously to create a field of allowance, love and acceptance of what is, based on Cranio Sacral principles.

Our intention is for each person to feel seen in their unique journey and to assist everyone in a non-doing way.



South of Portugal. 
More info coming soon....

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