New Years Retreat

 DEC 29 2019 - JAN 1 2020

Would you like to celebrate New Year the Yogi`s way?

Deeply nourishing yoga classes, Nordic Light healing touch, kirtan, floating sauna, ice bathing, sacred dance, new years eve ceremony, delicious and healthy vegan festive food are some of the highlights in this retreat.


4800 sek



Shambala mid-winter is a little piece of magic.  Sometimes tucked in a blanket of white snow. Peaceful and quiet. You can snuggle yourself in with a blanket and a book, warm up in the floating sauna and even ice-bathe if you feel up for it!

Everything is taken care of for you, three yummy Vegan meals, a hot cup of tea is always available and you will have plenty of sweet, loving company.

What we loved about last years retreat was chanting sacred mantras by the bonfire while the snow was drizzling down around us, the delicious gourmet festive Vegan buffet on new year’s eve, together with a powerful ceremony to set auspicious intentions, felt like such a meaningful way of welcoming the new year. With delightfully nourishing yoga classes, combined with subtle, yet potent Nordic Light healing touch classes, we all felt so energized and inspired to start a new year.

This year we will dive deeper into the space of Stillness touch, a space within the Craniosacral field based on non-doing, a safe space where your body can gradually release and let go of tension, stress and pain. We bring this presence into our yoga classes as well, allowing you to go deep within and receive nourishment from a meditative space.

Nordic Light Yoga is oriented towards slow and deep movements, which allows your body and mind to relax, thereby releasing deep inner tension. The healing aspect of our classes happens through moments of rest and receiving craniosacral touch. The foundation of our yoga is to be soft and mindful as you move your body, allowing you to be more present to what is happening inside and coming to know yourself and your inner processes deeper.


What is Nordic Light Healing and Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy works with a light handed touch, that when applied to the body, enhances the nervous system’s own ability to observe itself, to make the self-corrections that will direct you towards your body’s optimal health on all levels. Unwinding tensions will ripple through all the layers of yourself and bring awareness to which areas that need healing. This recognition allows for a new level of deep rest throughout all the layers of body, mind and emotional being.

This is a healing modality that has as its base Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy and that takes it away from medical and focused anatomy based work into an expanded, intuitive practise where the key principles are breath, awareness, and Love. In one way it is an embodied meditation shared with another human being.


What is Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST), and how do we incorporate it in our yoga?

 “Unwinding the patterns that lies between you and the experience of your true self, your optimal health, your real blueprint.”

The purpose of Cranio Sacral Therapy is to connect you to the «breath of life» your body’s innate power and capacity to heal itself. This therapy works with a light touch that helps the nervous system relax and your whole body to unwind, which allows for a new level of deep rest throughout all the layers of body, mind and emotional being.

Unlike most yoga adjustments, which are often directive or corrective, cranio sacral adjustments are not there to impose or correct but to allow the body itself to receive a heightened awareness. We trust that your body has an innate intelligence to unfold itself back into balance and harmony and we love to tenderly and softly assist you in this natural process.

Our nervous system plays a key role in how we feel about ourselves and the way we respond to situations in life.

With a nourishing yoga practise and Cranio Sacral awareness we cultivate our nervous system to be in loving acceptance with everything that flows in through our senses, which defines how we perceive our whole existence.

A new kind of alignment takes place and we can walk through life with an open and heart-connected posture.

We have found these tools to be the “oil” that creates the possibility of our mental, emotional and physical bodies to run smoothly together to create a life full of grace.




16.00 Arrival and check-in

17.00 Introduction and landing yoga

19.00 Dinner

20.30 Kirtan


08.00 Nordic Light Yoga

09.30 Breakfast

11.00 Introduction to Nordic Light Healing touch

13.00 Lunch

15.30 Sauna

17.00 Nordic light healing Yoga 

19.00 Dinner

20.30 Yoga Nidra


08.00 Nordic Light Yoga

09.30 Breakfast

11.00 Practise  Nordic Light Healing touch

13.00 Lunch

15.30 Sauna

17.00 Nordic light healing Yoga 

19.00 Dinner

20.00 New Year Ceremony and dance


09.00 Nordic Light Yoga

10.30 Breakfast

11.00 Practise Nordic Light Healing touch

13.30 Lunch

15.00 Check out

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