A magical retreat in Svalbard, 4th-7th of April 2019


Ever dreamed of visiting the northern hemisphere? 

Svalbard is the northernmost place you can travel to on the planet. With it´s unique nature and wildlife, the northern lights and the midnight sun it makes it a truly unique place to visit.

From 5950 Nok

This will be a healing retreat with a focus on well being. In beautiful nature surroundings, supported by deeply nourishing and heartfelt yoga, combined with Cranio Sacral therapy, you will have the chance to rewind, relax and simply be. A time to connect deeply inside, as well as taking in the majestic nature surrounding us.


Svalbard is surrounded by magnificent nature and a silence you’ve never experienced before. With its long valleys, tall and steep mountains and enormous glaciers, this place truly give the sense of being in an untouched and ancient part of the world. A place where the light and darkness alternates throughout the year. The midnight sun shines from april until august and throughout this period you will see a bustling wildlife. In October the sun disappears under the horizon, not to come back until March. During the dark period, the only light you will see is the northern light, the stars and the moonlight, which lights up the snow covered tundra. The Longyearbyen (“the Longyear town”), the main settlement of Svalbard is situated on the biggest island f Svalbard, called Spitsbergen, with 2500 residents. This is where we will stay.


In the beginning of April the midnight sun is almost in full bloom and temperatures can vary from a few minus degrees to 20 below zero.


Thursday, arrival:
16.30-18.30 Yoga (grounding yoga to land, pranayama and yoga nidra)
18.30 Dinner

07.30-09.30: Yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation)
09.30-11.00: Breakfast
11.00-13.00: Nordic Light Healing based on CranioSacral Therapy
13.00-14.00: Lunch
17.30-19.00: Soft yoga
19.00 Dinner


07.30-08.30: Yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation)
08.30-09.30: Breakfast
09.30-13.00 Dog span adventure
13.00-14.00: Lunch
17.30-19.00: Soft yoga class
19.00 Dinner

07.30-09.00: Yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation)
09.00-10.15: Breakfast
10.15-11.45: Nordic Light Healing
11.45: Lunch

We are planning to go on a dog sledding adventure through the beautiful landscape of Spitsbergen where you can enjoy the silence and magnificent arctic nature. This is not included in the price and will be an additional cost of approximately 1.300,- NOK

We will be staying in Haugen Pension: www.haugenpensjonat.no

5950,- nok in triple room
6100,- nok in double room
7460,- nok in single room

3000,- nok if you want to participate only in the retreat itself without food and accomodation

Included in the price
3 nights accommodation
All meals, delicious vegan food
6 nourishing Yoga classes
2 Healing classes

What is not included
Flight (with NORWEGIAN or SAS)
Airport transfer (75 nok)

What to bring
yoga mat/blanket, warm clothes and foot wear (temperatures can go down to -20 degrees celsius)

Contact us for booking and enquiries: nordiclightyogaretreats@gmail.com