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Nordic Light Yoga

Our yoga is based on traditional Hatha Yoga principles of both the sun’s dynamic, energising postures, and also the moon’s inward going stillness and relaxation. We are deeply focused on directing the awareness inwards, to discover our beingness that underlies everything. Once we are in touch with our inner being, we can feel connected to ourselves, our heart and the world around us. When we stay aware of the inner processes in the physical body, as well as the emotional and energetic body, we stay more connected to ourself and what is taking place in daily life situation.


Nordic Light Healing and CranioSacral Therapy

“Unwinding the patterns that lie between you and the experience of your true self, your optimal health, your real blueprint.”

Nordic Light Healing is based on Cranio sacral therapy, where we work with a light handed touch, that when applied to the body, enhances the nervous system’s own ability to observe itself, to make the self-corrections that will direct you towards your body’s optimal health on all levels. Unwinding tensions will ripple through all the layers of yourself and bring awareness to the areas that need healing. This recognition allows for a new level of deep rest throughout all the layers of body, mind and emotional being.


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Upcoming Retreats



15th to 18th august 2019

Our unique experience of the combination of traditional yoga, Cranio Sacral therapy**and kirtan (healing chants) will meet in a powerful synergy during this retreat. Through our personal immersion in these systems over a long time we have discovered a holistic path to an ever deepening awareness of our self and the subtlety of our being. Our intention is for you to discover a new sense of connection to yourself and your body while having lots of fun


new years retreat

29th dec 2019 to 1 jan 2020

Would you like to celebrate New Year the Yogi`s way?

Deeply nourishing yoga classes, Nordic Light healing touch, kirtan, floating sauna, ice bathing, sacred dance, new years eve ceremony, delicious and healthy vegan festive food are some of the highlights in this retreat.