What is Nordic Light Healing and CranioSacral Therapy?



What is Nordic light healing and Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST)

Cranio sacral therapy works with a light handed touch, that when applied to the body, enhances the nervous system’s own ability to observe itself, to make the self-corrections that will direct you towards your body’s optimal health on all levels. Unwinding tensions will ripple through all the layers of yourself and bring awareness to which areas that need healing. This recognition allows for a new level of deep rest throughout all the layers of body, mind and emotional being.

Nordic Light Healing

This is a healing modality that has as its base Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy and that takes it away from medical and focused anatomy based work into an expanded, intuitive practise where the key principles are breath, awareness, and Love.

In one way it is an embodied meditation shared with another human being.

The humbling understanding that we can never really know what another person needs and thus we can never, and should not attempt to fix anyone, guides this work forward, more as an opportunity for evolution of consciousness for each and everyone, wherever one might be on the path of life.

In a practical sense, we tune into our inner body breathing and find a very comfortable reposing field in ourself. From this place of balanced beingness we touch another person lying on a treatment table. Normally starting at the ankles as a soft entry point and then, guided by our intuition, to different listening stations on the body. 

The touch is always feather light and with utmost respect and honour for the other.

What happens in these Nordic Light Healing sessions is truly magical. Unexpected unwindings, muscular, energetic, on the level of fascia, emotional and on the level of the soul, occur spontaneously in this heightened light of awareness.

It is simply put like you are lending the other person extra consciousness, without loosing anything yourself. On the contrary, as a giver you feel refreshed, grounded, expanded and touched by the mystery of Love itself.

In this work there are natural inherent healing forces at play and it is for us to learn to trust that.